Voice Analysis

Record a brief, open conversation with yourself and then listen for insights.

What is voice analysis?

This exercise provides some of the same self-observational benefits that the Open Dialogue app is designed around.

With voice analysis, however, instead of engaging in a dialogue with another entity (the A.I.), you are simply speaking to yourself and then later mining your monologue for insights and ideas for further exploration.

Note that nearly everybody has a hard time listening to the sound of their own voice. Don't let this be a barrier - it's not about the sound, but about the content of what you are saying.

I'm interested in trying it. How do I get started?

Find a simple audio recorder - all smart phones will have this capability. You may also prefer to record to offline storage for your own privacy and comfort.

Set aside a total of 30 minutes to reflect.

Begin by recording yourself speaking about a problem you are experiencing, or an important topic you are struggling with. 

Simply observe any feelings of self-consciousness (it may seem strange to you at first to be talking to yourself out loud). Continue to explore the topic and express yourself freely as thoughts and feelings arise.

You may use any number of the following questions to stimulate your reflection:

  • How would you begin to describe the situation that is top of mind right now?
  • What would you like to be different about your situation?
  • When you think or talk about your challenges, do you detect a particular tone in your voice or pattern to your thinking?
  • What problem solutions have you already tried, and which of those things helped, even if only a little bit?
  • What have you learned from solving problems in the past that you can apply right now?

Spend roughly 10 minutes recording your speech.

Pause for a moment, and then pull out a writing implement (we recommend writing by hand to allow for illustration, diagramming and other imagery to surface). 

Begin playing back your voice recording and listen carefully to your own words.

Make notes. What surprises you about what you hear? What might be aspects of your situation to explore in further detail in subsequent reflections? Imagine you are a much older version of yourself listening to this monologue - how might that more experienced self respond?

Play the recording back to yourself a second time, or pause and work phrase-by-phrase through the sections you find most engaging.

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